Who do JPM Capital fund?

JPM Capital endeavours to provide timely and appropriate solutions to all of our clients funding needs.



With over 30 years of Professions specific funding, we have specialist expertise in the particular funding needs for Legal Practices.
In 2017 we organised in excess of £14 million in loans for Law Firms and we will continue to support the legal sector for years to come.

Key to our experience with Law Firms is understanding the funding market, the specific needs of Law Firms and the important of providing easy to access & competitive funding solutions.

Our funding solutions for Solicitors include but are not limited to:


JPM provide specialist financial services for members of the Bar Council. We understand our Barrister clients’ particular needs, generally relating to mounting Aged Debt positions.

Our Barrister clients enjoy the ease of our process, the quick access to funding and the flexible communication process.

With court commitments it can be difficult to find time during traditional ‘Office Hours’ to manage finances. As such we make ourselves available outside of normal hours and can manage communications via Email or Text. This gives our Barrister clients access to funding without needing to take precious time out of day to day work obligations.

Typically, but not exclusively, we assist Barristers with the following requirements


JPM have a special relationship with our Accountant contacts. We understand perfectly the pressures that Accountants face and have supported our Accountant clients for many years. But our Accountant contacts also support us…

Most of our new business is introduced on a referral basis from the Accountants that we work with. Please see our Partner Programme for more information on our industry leading referral scheme.

In terms of funding that we provide to Accountancy practices, our facilities include but are not limited to:

Dentists / Doctors

Providing funding options to the Medical sector can be tricky. Practice hours and heavy workloads make it difficult for Principals to find time to deal with banks or brokers.
We use a combination of technology and common sense to make ourselves as approachable as possible for our Medical clients. We work outside of traditional hours and make ourselves available for contact by email, text, mobile or office line.
When organising a loan, we only request the absolute necessary information and we take all the hassle out of the application process.

Our facilities for Dentists and Doctors include but are not limited to:

Architects / Surveyors

We work with a number of fantastic Architects and Surveyors practices. Like most specialist Professionals, we find our clients in these industries can have difficulties with their Debtors and finding time to deal with the financial aspects of the practice.
Our solutions aim to solve both these problems. Firstly we provide a quick turnaround and easy application process. We manage all the administration involved taking the hassle out of the process. Secondly our business development and working capital facilities can help improve business cash-flow.

Architects and Surveyors practices will use our services for funding requirements including but not limited to:

SME / Corporate

Our funding services are available for any business large or small. We love to talk to business owners from different industries. We take the time to understand the challenges that effect your business, your individual requirements and suggest the most appropriate funding solutions.

We work quickly and efficiently to arrange funding with the minimum amount of impact to your business. Funds can be raised for any business purpose and typically turned around within 24-48 hours from start to finish.

Feel free to contact us by phone or email and we look forward to discussing your requirement. Our funding options for the following purposes, but we are happy to discuss any possible scenario:

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