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We work with business referrers, Accountants, IFA’s, Practice Managers and Brokerages as a point of funding for their clients.

The most important part of managing referral business is providing a 1st class service and achieving the best financial solutions for your clients. This helps to strengthen the relationship that you have with your client and adds a level of professionalism as a ‘Value Added Service’.

Our referrers can be as involved or uninvolved as they want. Some like to pass on our number and leave us to it. Others like to retain involvement throughout the process. We genuinely don’t mind either way. We are happy to work the applications as you see fit.

In return for any funding that we arrange, we provide an ‘ongoing’ referral fee to the introducer for the life of the client.

Speak to us today to discuss how becoming a business introducer can benefit both you and your clients businesses.

Accountant Referrer

An Accountant contact who we have dealt with for a number of years was speaking with us about certain client who had been considerably slow in providing payment to him.
We suggested that he introduce those clients with payment arrears to us to arrange finance for the debt. Within a few days the Accountant had introduced 3 of his clients with greatest arrears. Less than a week after we had arranged finance for 2 of those clients, who were able to settle bills in excess of £20,000.
We were also able to provide our Accountant contact with a referral fee for the introduction, so he was extremely happy to say the least.

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