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Our facilities help businesses navigate difficult periods by plugging cash-flow and working capital needs!
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VAT Funding

VAT funding is a form of financing used by businesses to spread the cost of a quarterly VAT tax bill, into monthly payments in arrears. It is designed to help businesses with cash flow concerns release internal capital within the business, whilst also meeting the quarterly VAT return deadlines. VAT funding is sometimes known as a VAT loan, as it is essentially a short-term business loan used to cover the cost of vat bills.

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Tax Funding

Tax funding, or tax loans, is a financing solution that is used by businesses that may struggle with managing tax payments. Tax funding is used to spread the cost of tax payments and ensure that a business makes said tax payments on time. Tax funding can be used by any business, but is typically used by small businesses and sole traders who may not have the necessary cash reserves to fully cover the tax payment.

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Working Capital Funding

Working capital funding is a financing option used by businesses that intend to invest and grow their business by making more working capital available. Working capital funding is designed to boost cash allowing businesses to invest in new projects, restructure debts or just manage commitments more effectively. Although other business loans are similar, working capital funding is specifically designed for boosting working capital. It can be used for any business purpose, making it an incredibly flexible form of funding.

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CBILS Funding

Flexibility and speed are at the core of what we do. Although the government CBILS scheme is well intentioned, early signs point to difficulties in obtaining the funds through many of the participating High Street Banks. In some cases we will work in conjunction with the banks to guide businesses through the process, but more often than not we will manage applications through alternate funding providers - only available in the broker market. JPM Capital has built a business on speed and efficiency, which is exactly what is needed in these uncertain times. For many, waiting weeks and perhaps months for responses is not an option.

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Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is where a business receives a percentage of an unpaid invoice in advance, rather than waiting for 30+ days for the customer to pay the invoice. An invoice discounting facility provides the business with a percentage of the unpaid invoice upfront. Once the total invoice is paid by the customer, the lender will take a fee from the remaining invoice amount. Invoice discounting is a form of short term business finance, which is used by businesses that use customer invoicing as their primary source of revenue. Businesses will have to sell the entire amount of unpaid invoices from the sales ledger to the invoice discounting company. Invoice financing is sometimes known as ‘accounts receivable funding’.

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Alternative Finance

Alternative finance is a broad term that is used to describe business funding options that are not provided by traditional lenders, such as a high street bank or government scheme. There are alternative funding products that are the same but are not from bank or government facilities. Alternative finance can be provided by alternative lenders and brokers. Sometimes the lenders will only provide specialist financing products such as VAT funding or invoice financing.

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Refurbishment / Expansion Funding

Expansion funding is a form of business finance used by businesses that are looking to invest in their business to help it grow. Investment can include moving into new premises, access to new equipment, hire more staff, business refurbishments - the list is endless.

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Asset Finance

Asset finance is a lending option that allows businesses to access much-needed equipment such as machinery and vehicles, without having to pay for the assets outright. Sometimes asset finance refers to releasing equity from an existing asset, which is invested into the business. There are different types of asset finance, including asset refinancing; hire purchase; finance leasing; equipment leasing; and operating leasing.

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Secured Finance

Our Broker Partner can assist you with all of your property related secured funding requirements, these include Commercial Finance, Residential and Buy to Let Mortgages and Bridging and Development funding whether the ownership structure be personal or under a Ltd Company. Their speed of process, flexible working hours and vast experience sets them out from the rest of the broker market. Due to the strength of the relationships they’ve built with various Lenders, our broker partner can often secure terms that aren’t available to the general public. If you require assistance in the following areas please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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Featured Case Study

Accountancy firm with cash-flow needs and client funding requirements

We recently dealt with an Accountancy firm who has suffered immediate cash-flow problems as a result of the recent unprecedented global contagion. Clients who paid monthly direct debit retainers have cancelled and debtors which have been due into the firm have requested payment terms. At a time when clients need Accountancy support more than ever it is important that our client was using his time to support clients and not chasing bills!

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Paul is calm, thoughtful and positive during a period where so many businesses are in panic. I am thankful for his and JPM's continued support and will continue to recommend clients in need to Paul.
Accountants - Glasgow

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