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Our facilities help businesses improve their cash-flow, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best – running the business!
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Tax Funding

For most businesses, managing Tax payments can place an incredible strain on cash-flow. Our Tax funding facilities are designed to ease this burden. Our funders can make the Tax payment on your behalf and set up a fixed repayment option over the following months. Even if you have cash reserves available, with a low interest facility it may make more sense to protect capital and/or invest in more profitable endeavours for the business.

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VAT Funding

Our specialist VAT funding facility effectively turns a quarterly payment in advance, into a monthly payment in arrears. This is a cash protection facility, which allows businesses to focus on building their business – without worrying every 3 months how to manage the impending VAT payment! Any business with cash-flow concerns can benefit from spreading the VAT over the following quarter. Funding the VAT releases internal capital within the business, aiding in growth and effectively managing the peaks and troughs in cash-flow.

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Working Capital Funding

A lack of cash stifles business growth. You could win a lucrative contract, but lack the resources to fulfil the contract. You could face unexpected bills at a time when income levels are lower. We can organise an Unsecured loan that can be used for any business purpose. Flexible repayment options allow you to spread payments from 3 to 60 months. Working Capital loans are designed to boost cash allowing businesses to invest in new projects, restructure debts or just manage commitments more effectively.

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Refurbishment / Expansion Funding

For any business, expanding or moving premises can be one of the biggest decisions that can be made. An office move, refurbishment or expansion can be a costly endeavour. Likewise it can be a disruption of time and productivity. Securing the right funding to assist with these plans ensure swift completion but more importantly removes the financial pressure associated with the expense.

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Asset Finance

Any business that uses equipment to function will understand the burden of asset purchases. We have partnered with the UK’s finest Asset Finance lenders in order to offer a solution to most every requirement. We can provide HP, Business Lease, Operating Lease, Re-finance and Vehicle leasing options for any type of equipment. Raising finance against equity that is locked in assets is also a useful method of capitalising your assets. Our specialist and experienced team can guide you through all aspects of asset finance, liaise with equipment suppliers and handle all the administrative processes involved.

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Vehicle Finance

Flexibility and speed are at the core of our Vehicle financing services. Understanding that your vehicle purchase is time sensitive and you are more than likely excited and anxious to collect the new car. So we work swiftly and efficiently, using experience to liaise with dealerships to manage finance documents, invoices and payment transfer. We can provide solutions through the business or personally. HP, Lease or Contract Hire. Our vehicle finance partners are the best in the business, meaning we can source the best terms in any circumstance.

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Alternative Finance

We take pride in having to most robust and varied funding services in the entire market. We have a wide panel of lenders who provide ‘quirky’ solutions to most circumstances. Mainstream banks are very particular about their lending criteria, which often leaves businesses feeling that they are not credit worthy. But we partner with alternate providers to bring solutions such as: Non-homeowner loans, flexible draw-down facilities, interest only loans, personal loans, bad-credit loans, contract financing, new start financing, P2P lending, loans without Personal guarantees and investment finance to name a few. In short, pick up the phone and talk to us. We will give an honest assessment and if there is a solution we will find it.

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Secured Finance

Our Broker Partner can assist you with all of your property related secured funding requirements, these include Commercial Finance, Residential and Buy to Let Mortgages and Bridging and Development funding whether the ownership structure be personal or under a Ltd Company. Their speed of process, flexible working hours and vast experience sets them out from the rest of the broker market. Due to the strength of the relationships they’ve built with various Lenders, our broker partner can often secure terms that aren’t available to the general public. If you require assistance in the following areas please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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Invoice Discounting

JPM have partnered with the UKs leading Invoice Finance specialists. This product bridges the gap between the point at which you make a sale and the time payment is released. Our finance partners can release a pre-arranged percentage of the value of your sales ledger, on an ongoing basis. Releasing valuable working capital can help your business grow. This product is particularly attractive option for businesses who are growing quickly, or those that are effected by seasonality. If your business already uses Invoice Financing, please speak to us to explore if our partners could offer improved terms for your business.

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Featured Case Study

Manufacturing Firm with multiple requirements

We recently spoke with a large manufacturing company in Leicester who were experiencing a number of cash flow issues. They were waiting approx. 60 days for payment from clients, they also had an opportunity to win a contract, but this meant they would need new equipment as well as bringing in experienced staff to ensure that they were capable of fulfilling the orders.

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I found Jamie to be incredibly professional and knowledgeable. He was able to analyse all of my separate issues and find an appropriate solution for each one respectively. He kept me up to date with each application and made the entire process seamless.
Manufacturing Company

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