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Frequently Asked VAT Loan Questions

Frequently Asked VAT Loan Questions

Q: What is a VAT loan / VAT Funding? A: All VAT registered businesses pay a quarterly VAT payment to HMRC. This can be burdensome and a strain on cash-flow. Having chunky quarterly payments going out is also a-typical to normal business cash-flow which runs month to...

The Problems with VAT Payments

The Problems with VAT Payments

Problems with VAT Payments for Businesses… What happens if I don’t pay my VAT?  There are a number of problems with VAT payments for businesses. This is because failure to submit VAT payments by a business is not taken lightly and will have a direct financial...

COVID-19 and VAT Funding

COVID-19 and VAT Funding

COVID-19 and the effects on VAT Funding The global pandemic has caused major social and economic disruptions. As such, the government has announced a large and wide-ranging package of financial measures to try and cushion the effects on both people and businesses at...

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